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Sacred Stones Headdress

Sacred Stones Headdress

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This headdress is the one and only made. “Sacred Stones” are considered to have inexplicable powers. And when you wear this piece, you’ll look powerful.

This headdress is is covered from front to sides with various styles and colors of buttons, brooches, stones, pearls spikes, chains, rhinestones, and more. 

EACH PIECE IS MADE TO ORDER AND EMBELLISHMENTS WILL VARY IN STYLE/SHAPE/COLOR/SIZE depending on what’s in stock and what we can source. Most of these embellishments are rare to find and vintage, so your piece will be unique and one of a kind. It will have an identical overall look of the photo. 

The base is made of a breathable, black spandex balaclava that stretches, with ribbon ties in the back to adjust to fit snug or loose on your head/neck.

one size fits all


Only by SARA ROSE®️

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