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Sara Rose: The woman who started the ‘Designer' Custom Face Mask Trend


You're here. Welcome. I'm Sara Rose, owner of SARA ROSE, LLC. I’m just an artist who grew up dreaming of being an entrepreneur and expressing my creativity that people want to see. It’s always been who I am since I was a kid.

   I launched my company in February 2018, after releasing my first custom-made product on Instagram. It sold immediately after posting the photo, so I knew my talent had potential and my ideas would flourish from there. My personal fashion style is my biggest influence to how I started my brand. I always had this edgy, bold, "bad girl" fashion style-wearing bandanas on my face and ski masks on my Instagram feed, and it really played a role in targeting the type of audience that I connected with. So since I was always wearing face masks and designer brand scarfs on my face, I suddenly had an idea to customize designer scarfs and hand-bags into face masks! I would cut, design and sew different styles of masks made from the top designer brands out there-making "Designer Face Masks" a new, never done before fashion accessory within the streetwear and fashion industries.

Being the impulsive Aries that I am, as soon as I thought of this idea in February 2018, I quickly launched my website and began creating my masks and head-pieces. I was able to build my social media following from all the hype from these dope creations I was making. I was getting a lot of attention across the platform-people either loved my creations, or loved to hate it! I reached out to many celebrities who I wanted to wear my Masks, and many celebrities were reaching out to me just to get their hands (and faces) in my luxury masks! I had a niche in the market with NO competition, so of course my social media following grew substantially in 2018 and 2019 through celebrity promotions and consistently creating these inventions of mine. Many of my designer masks went viral over the years all around the world. This “luxury face mask” trend has influenced fashion designers to imitate my ideas- especially now, during the wake of COVID19 since the beginning of 2020. Designer-branded face masks are so played out now and they don't even know they got the idea from me! Haha! 

Fast forward to today, "Pandemic 2020", I no longer focus on designer brands of face-masks since they're now over-saturated in the market. I now focus on continuing to break necks with my bold, unapologetic and innovative head-pieces, hats & "Sunglasses Masks".

Because of my natural desire and ability to START trends instead of following them, I'll continue to build the SR brand by staying a few steps ahead of the fashion industry. 

Fashion Masks are no longer just a "Sara Rose" niche, they're now a NECESSITY to protect each other from this virus. I never thought my business idea, just 2 years ago, would become so important and so influential around the globe to help keep the world (fashionably) safe!

If you don't already follow me on Instagram, you should because I love doing GIVEAWAYS on my feed every month for my followers! You can enter my contests on IG to win free masks from this site!

Also, if you're local to Los Angeles or able to travel, come to one of my POP-UP Photoshoot Events I hold about once a month, where my followers can come have a meet & greet with me, get a full makeover, and have a professional photoshoot wearing my exclusive headpieces and masks!

So follow me on Instagram to stay up to date with Pop-Up announcements, giveaways, new products and fun sales!

Thank you for checking out my creations, I hope you love your exclusive SR mask!

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