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Meet Sara Rose: The girl who pioneered the “Luxury meets Street Fashion” face-mask trend in 2018.

Sara Rose is an artist who took the internet by storm in February 2018 when she began hand-making face-masks by cutting up and repurposing the top luxury designer named handbags, scarves and belts. Many of her face-mask creations went viral and captured the attention of celebrities in just a few weeks of launching her designs on Instagram. Celebrities - from supermodels to musicians to actors - started wearing facemasks by Sara Rose! No one would have thought that just two years later in 2020, the world would be required to wear facemasks for safety. Many speculate that Sara Rose was “ahead of her time” with the concept of making face-masks a “fashion accessory”. Due to the pandemic and mandates, fashion companies and designers everywhere around the world would begin to imitate and resell SARA Rose’s creations- from the “Rhinestone face-mask” design, to the name-brand designer masks. But we know who was the first to do it!
So when you make a purchase with Sara Rose, you are not only supporting a small business, you are supporting a true artist who’s talent, creativity and contributions have made such a big impact on what we now wear and know to be modern day fashion!

The team here at SARA ROSE would like to thank you for your support for her art, and know that every piece is hand-made and originally designed only by SARA ROSE with love and care!

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