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MULA Money Mask

MULA Money Mask

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This one of a kind design by SARA ROSE has been desired by celebrities everywhere. This balaclava is made with faux 100 dollar bills individually laminated in pieces. Gold and silver Letter charms dangle with phrases such as “MONEY” dangling on the mouth opening to resemble a diamond grill look.
Charmed letters such as “RICH BI*CH” and more phrases embellish the mask along with glass crystals and chains. 

- The mask features 2 openings on the top of the mask if you’d like to wear your hair out in piggy tails. 

-The mask base is spandex fabric. The back of the mask has a zipper, making it easy to fit.

Choose your size option small or large according to the measurement of your head circumference in inches, as shown in the last photo.


-Handmade and designed only by SARA ROSE®️

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