2 Piece Set: Drippin’ Shades & Nip Pasties

2 Piece Set: Drippin’ Shades & Nip Pasties

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This gorgeous 2 item set includes the rhinestone Drippin’ NIP covers at approximately 12” in length, which have a sticky backing to stick onto your chest.
The set includes the Drippin’ Shades Sunglasses which are dripping with dangling teardrop rhinestones: Glasses that you can see though while wearing! 


(The nipple cover pasties are only intended for photo shoots and/or short term wear. Reusable but disposable.
It is not intended for long term wear, as the weight of the glass crystal rhinestones can eventually cause them to peel off the pasties covers over time.
Once rhinestones peel off of the pasties, or when the tackiness of the pasties begin to loose their stick, we recommend disposing. 

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