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Fairytale Nip Pasties

Fairytale Nip Pasties

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Step into our wonderland of fairytale creatures with our handmade nipple pasties. 

Choose your options of styles that include faux Moss, flowers, butterflies and glass crystal Rhinestones.

(The nipple cover pasties are only intended for photo shoots and/or short term wear. Reusable but disposable.
It is not intended for long term wear, as the weight of the rhinestones and materials can eventually cause them to peel off the pasties over time.
Once materials peel off of the pasties, or when the tackiness of the pasties begin to loose their stick, we recommend disposing, or you may reinforce the rhinestones with superglue, and reinforce sticky back covers with any type of non-toxic and safe wig-glue or eyelash glue to help them stay on longer.)

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