Hi, I'm Sara Rose- fashion Designer & pioneer of the "Fashion Face Mask" trend that has gained popularity across the world. Have you seen people wearing Face Masks that feature luxury designer-branded logos on them; such as Gucci, Louis Vuitton and top name brands? Well, I started that Face-Mask trend! The idea to start my business making luxury fashion face-masks began in early 2018. I was already frequently wearing bandanas and ski masks with my "bad girl" fashion style, so one day I thought about making and selling my own versions of masks on my Instagram channel. That's when the idea came to cut up my authentic vintage Louis Vuitton bags & Gucci scarves and turn them into face masks! I would cut, design & sew different styles of masks, plate carrier vests & fashion accessories made from my vintage Designer bags and people on Instagram loved seeing me post my creations. Soon after, my Instagram quickly grew by the thousands & I was styling celebrities for music videos, photoshoots and tours, designing their custom looks. Celebrities such as Tyra Banks, Tyga, Kash Doll, Soulja Boy, Dream Doll, Melii, Rubi Rose, Asian Da Brat (Asian Doll), PNB Rock, Tory Lanez & many other artists & social media stars have worn my hand-crafted fashion accessories. Much of my work has gone viral on social media & published by sources like The Guardian, The Shade Room and

My brand was my own niche in the market during 2018 & 2019 with no competitors mimicking my creations yet at that time. Fast forward to 2020 during a worldwide pandemic, face-masks are now a necessity! So I started focusing on creating my own branded designs, increasing my inventory and style options so there's a mask to fit everyone's fashion preference in my store! My original, hand-made creations are now so popular as many stores & designers around the world imitate my Mask designs which has lead to a worldwide face-mask trend!

In addition to starting the Designer mask trend, I have also been curating an exclusive type of event for the past year that no other Instagrammer or Designer offers- the SARA ROSE "Photoshoot Parties". My team and I throw the event once a month, where any and all of my Instagram followers of all looks, genders and sizes can come have a true "model experience"! We give you a full MUA makeover, a professional photoshoot wearing my exclusive, hand-made headpieces and masks, and you get personally styled by me for your photoshoot. It's no ordinary photoshoot, either- we dress up in costumes made by me! Each month I hold this event in a different state/location, mostly in LA, Las Vegas, Miami and Atlanta, (and soon New York and Texas). Its a different theme and concept every month. For example, I did a "FAIRYTALE" Photoshoot Party in Miami in a beautiful Fairyland Oasis and I rented a real live pony dressed as a unicorn for my followers to shoot with. Everyone was dressed as a fairytale creature in Fairy wings, bralettes and head-dresses made by me. Another Photoshoot Party theme was a Mythological Goddess theme, where I rented a Party Van and we went on a road trip. We picked up my followers from LA and played games as we headed to the gorgeous Sand Dunes in southern California and dressed everyone as Medusa and Goddesses wearing my hand-made pieces. Imagine 'Cosplay meets Photoshoot'-That's the idea I had about curating this sort of event for my followers. Its a great opportunity for them to meet me and get an up=close experience as a Sara Rose Model.

My Photoshoot Parties are a success because they allow me to inspire all people to feeling beautiful, no matter who they are. And that's why people keep coming back to my Photoshoot Parties. My followers even fly out from different states just to be there with me. Its an amazing feeling for my to have a platform where i can uplift, inspire and share my creativity and love with people who look up to me. It's very fulfilling for me to know that people go home with more self esteem than before they came, with professional photos of themselves looking amazing and an amazing experience like they've never had before.

Refer to my IG for upcoming dates and announcements as my team and I travel around the U.S throwing my "Photoshoot Parties", so we may be in a city near you soon!

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