sara rose styling models for fashion show event

An all-inclusive, evolutionary experience for all.

Imagine entering into a room filled with decor, lights & music that feels like you stepped into another world, maybe a cartoon? Or a movie set! And YOU are the star character. A makeup artist grabs you, sits you in a chair and gives you a full transformation- perhaps you’d like to be a beautiful Fairy? Maybe a burlesque dancer straight out of The Great Gatsby movie? What about a mythical Goddess-Medusa! You look around, people all around you are getting makeovers, photographers across the creatively decorated room are shooting photos of someone dressed in character with props and cool outfits. The music is loud, people are laughing, chatting, having a great time and complimenting you on how gorgeous you look. You feel confident. Happy. Comfortable. Everyone is so uplifting. You’re getting excited to get your photos taken! Suddenly, your name is called to get styled in costume & accessories designed by Sara Rose. The photographer and Sara Rose are right there photographing you, styling you and assisting you with your posing, boosting your confidence and making you feel like this is the best photoshoot you have ever had! And it is! There are games to play, raffles to enter and prizes to win throughout the night and you’re making friends and having a blast! You’ve never experienced any event like this before. Well SARA ROSE curated this event in 2019, that she calls her “Photoshoot Party”. Sara’s goal & purpose for this monthly event is to make YOU look, feel and experience what all the celebrities and model do- GETTING PAMPERED & LOOKING GORGEOUS! Sara Rose’s mission is to welcome people from all backgrounds, genders, looks and sizes to now have that chance. The experience is so much more than a regular photo shoot! You get transformed with a full MUA makeover from the brand's talented makeup artists, a full professionally edited photoshoot with copies of your photos to keep, get personally styled by Sara Rose wearing her hand-crafted, exclusive luxury headdresses and fashion accessores, all while entering raffles and having fun playing games between your photos to win prizes! The most exciting part is that every month, this cosplay styled event will feature a new creative theme in a different city! Just imagine everything from a Fairytale theme in an outdoor waterfall oasis location in Miami, FL- to an old western movie in a Palm Springs, CA- to a Great Gatsy theme in a Bel Air mansion and more! Each event will be located in a new, creative and awesome film set, offering you amazing set decor with props, music, makeup and fashion styling to match that theme! The SARA ROSE team travels to different states and cities to allow her fans and people everywhere to come experience this awesome and once in a lifetime party! 

The SARA ROSE Photo shoot Parties are a success because they allow the brand to inspire and uplift you, to build your self-esteem that reflects in the amazing photos taken of how amazing you look. And that's why people keep coming back! The testimonies from our customers who RSVP (who the brand calls their VIP MODELS) speaks volumes on how this experience changes people’s lives for the better, no matter what you look like! You will leave the Photo shoot Party with a new found confidence in yourself and new friends! And that is the SARA ROSE®️ mission! 

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Refer to our event calender and/or Instagram for announcements and upcoming locations and be sure to ask how to RSVP! 


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